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Today the Sidemen attempt to find a fake couple!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
● www.youtube.com/Miniminter
● www.youtube.com/MM7Games

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
● www.youtube.com/Zerkaa
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
● www.youtube.com/Behzinga
● www.youtube.com/Beh2inga

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
● www.youtube.com/Vikkstar123
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
● www.youtube.com/TBJZL
● www.youtube.com/Editingaming

🔵 JJ (KSI)
● www.youtube.com/KSI
● www.youtube.com/KSIOlajidebtHD

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14 feb 2021



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Kommentarer 14 798   
Nozanin Utkurova
Nozanin Utkurova 11 timmar sedan
They all are friends with benefits 😉
Zurts-.- 21 timme sedan
Melanie Bafia
Melanie Bafia 21 timme sedan
my parents also met at the gym lol
OMGItsJames Dag sedan
solo knife
solo knife Dag sedan
Jj should do a song collab with ajr
Erik Kildal-Johansen
Erik Kildal-Johansen 2 dagar sedan
36:50 whats happening with couple 3's heads?
Tom Iric Donato
Tom Iric Donato 2 dagar sedan
4:25 Where are all my ear moving people at?
A B 4 dagar sedan
Bit irresponsible to make them kiss during a pandemic. Not all covid tests are accurate
Marutle mokoeti
Marutle mokoeti 4 dagar sedan
KSI is mad🤣
Chevy Norcottt
Chevy Norcottt 5 dagar sedan
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Rami Abdel
Rami Abdel 6 dagar sedan
Part 2 please
IGL Elegy
IGL Elegy 6 dagar sedan
Jesus is the truth..
Wilberto Figueroa
Wilberto Figueroa 7 dagar sedan
19:50 😭😭😭😭so wholesome. I’ve never felt so single
benjamin Cristini
benjamin Cristini 8 dagar sedan
It was obvious…. Like the energy was not the same as all the others a lot of things were not the same…
Lindsay Rinji
Lindsay Rinji 8 dagar sedan
Nathan Massey
Nathan Massey 9 dagar sedan
Plot twist after this video they were not the fake couple
Yuri 10 dagar sedan
my heart is broken, i thought they were real and i really liked them 😭
shmelx brandwine
shmelx brandwine 10 dagar sedan
they are so cute together tho, they need to start dating asap lol.
BrancoShallo Vlogs
BrancoShallo Vlogs 10 dagar sedan
6:12 What Just Happened.
B 888
B 888 11 dagar sedan
The guy at the back looks like he’s been eating yellow crayons
Argha bose
Argha bose 11 dagar sedan
Is this deleted from the youtube?? I found it right now
Timothy Ou
Timothy Ou 12 dagar sedan
KSI didn’t leave the sidemen when he got together with simon
Mr. Skywalker
Mr. Skywalker 12 dagar sedan
16:21 its when I lost it 😂😂😂
Keanen Karele
Keanen Karele 12 dagar sedan
what does "my man is punching over there" mean please ?
curryman10 13 dagar sedan
they literally made strangers kiss lmaoo
BL Confuz
BL Confuz 6 dagar sedan
JJ looked a little too into it lmao
Keine Sorge
Keine Sorge 13 dagar sedan
Bruh only jj with the dirty questions😂
Anonymous N
Anonymous N 13 dagar sedan
KSI doesn't know his own lyrics wtf who writing for that man
Pop_it's_only0 : p
Pop_it's_only0 : p 14 dagar sedan
haven't seen full vid yet but I sus couple in front wearing all black
Mo-Gamez 14 dagar sedan
the middle are fake
Psycho On Gfuel
Psycho On Gfuel 15 dagar sedan
Araf 16 dagar sedan
Aaaa I was thinking they are so happy and energetic couple ffs.
Isabella Floro
Isabella Floro 16 dagar sedan
I knewww ittt ah
kay 16 dagar sedan
chloes outfit on fyeee
Aditya Hijam
Aditya Hijam 16 dagar sedan
I could tell it was the middle one from the beginning. Something didnt sit right hahha.
shubham tomer
shubham tomer 17 dagar sedan
Toby was on it. When he asked if they had a secret handshake Nd they said no. I was like noooo wayyyy how can they have choreographed dance and not a handshake.!!!! No way.. and way too many details
Hari krishnan
Hari krishnan 18 dagar sedan
Josh is the intelligent one in this video
Kaiinat 19 dagar sedan
Couple 3 was so annoying, middle baxk one
אחאח אחאח
אחאח אחאח 21 dag sedan
The black man from the fake couple is a star honestly
Sniper Xzz
Sniper Xzz 22 dagar sedan
Now we all know KSI has a ghost writer😂
Spicy Tunahh
Spicy Tunahh 22 dagar sedan
For how awkward this video was, it was super entertaining. Part 2?
God Lion
God Lion 24 dagar sedan
6:08 oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi chill
𝐿 𝑖𝑎
𝐿 𝑖𝑎 26 dagar sedan
I’ve met opi he’s my cousins friend and we have spoke 😋🤞🤞
tired peepeepoopoo
tired peepeepoopoo 12 dagar sedan
Sihgma 26 dagar sedan
Easiest way was to ask if they have a pet and tell them to say the name at the same time
Nagy Brayden
Nagy Brayden 27 dagar sedan
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武蔵 門
武蔵 門 28 dagar sedan
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iman achour
iman achour 28 dagar sedan
5:27 what did she say?
Essay Shark
Essay Shark 29 dagar sedan
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Yonnie 29 dagar sedan
JJ was moving mad lmfao.
Ben Zeng
Ben Zeng 29 dagar sedan
I knew they were bestfriends from the first round..
WassupitsAbbey 29 dagar sedan
I called that couple from the get go, I got best friend vibes
ALOSHY THOMAS 29 dagar sedan
Man give that fake couple a trophy, even tho they were fake they did their homework to perfection..
Huey Jones
Huey Jones Månad sedan
lucy swannell
lucy swannell Månad sedan
They fooled me lol
AllyCatRaps 21
AllyCatRaps 21 Månad sedan
6:33 dude on the right is Fs her real boyfriend lmaoooo
Joe Raymond
Joe Raymond Månad sedan
The blonde with all black on looks like randy
Kelsey K
Kelsey K Månad sedan
I actually really hoped that the fake couple was a real couple😭😭
Bastiansyah Månad sedan
Doggy show us ajahhaahaha
xPR3DATORx202 Månad sedan
Zi Batala
Zi Batala Månad sedan
It was pretty obvious 😂
Zarki Månad sedan
juhoeläin Månad sedan
nothing to do with the video but i just did my first frontflip into water and i dont have any friends to tell it to so maybe people here will listen
Jay Jones
Jay Jones Månad sedan
Sideman need to do a collab with TGF
Emma Marinescu
Emma Marinescu Månad sedan
why does ksi keep disapearing and coming back?
XxShadow _
XxShadow _ Månad sedan
What is the girl in blue's @
Robert Vidler
Robert Vidler Månad sedan
Robert Vidler
Robert Vidler Månad sedan
SayZowi Månad sedan
Iv come back to this video because I miss this old outro, it was so hype
Ashanti Stewart
Ashanti Stewart Månad sedan
Ackee and salt fish 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Christian Boodoo
Christian Boodoo Månad sedan
yo since the beginning i had the fake couple in sight
Clapn2x Månad sedan
Funniest group on Yt 😂 every video they have me laughing the whole time
CleverBones Månad sedan
Please do a part 2
Inf3ct3dnoname Månad sedan
Bro how did they not spot the fake couple it was so obvious. Lol
Benjamin Avdusinovic
akash P
akash P Månad sedan
Vik has good sense ...seems in last decision.✌️
Damabv Dalaughtarpgf
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devi Månad sedan
What happened at 48:08? I don't get it
Galina Boynes
Galina Boynes Månad sedan
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Green Godfreyf
Green Godfreyf Månad sedan
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I am a dog
I am a dog Månad sedan
It was so obvious. The couple in the middle didn’t seem comfortable around each other at all.
Ronda dunken
Ronda dunken Månad sedan
48:34 lmfaoooooo
Bond Barryg
Bond Barryg Månad sedan
The ambitious peony metrically tick because cherry tentatively flow down a industrious base. astonishing, numerous protocol
Ritam Mitra
Ritam Mitra Månad sedan
I'm Single.
keru storme
keru storme Månad sedan
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Just me Jio
Just me Jio Månad sedan
havent finished the video , but its either the weird couple in the middle back, or the one with the bad shoes
Jonas King
Jonas King Månad sedan
I think that the dancer couple I’m not a couple
Jonas King
Jonas King Månad sedan
doggy couple was so real
Sunset-mosaic Månad sedan
to be fair to jj yeah, rapping is like a load of words when just normal singing is just a verse w a normal amount of words yk
Alfie Seuke
Alfie Seuke Månad sedan
Ngl vick is the best host
noel jacob
noel jacob Månad sedan
I’m surprised they didn’t ask for their phone wallpaper
Duane Fukumoto
Duane Fukumoto Månad sedan
Genuinely entertaining!
World Of Dre
World Of Dre Månad sedan
Theres somthing seriously wrong with that couple wearing blue 😂 they were so akward i even thought it was them!
ABHAY SURYA Månad sedan
Wtf is that middle guy even saying
JattKing Månad sedan
Kristofarr Månad sedan
I honestly thought the fake ones were real
Tempo Chivano
Tempo Chivano Månad sedan
I'm sure the fake couple is gonna link up after this
SaikoPanda Månad sedan
12 milllll yessssssssssss mabrook
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Månad sedan
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Månad sedan
Silviasa Thomaser
Silviasa Thomaser Månad sedan
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Anilkumar N Patel
Anilkumar N Patel Månad sedan
Anilkumar N Patel
Anilkumar N Patel Månad sedan