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The sidemen meet some rich donnies
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9 maj 2021



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Kommentarer 11 432   
Nick Dunn
Nick Dunn 8 timmar sedan
Rowen Johnson
Rowen Johnson 9 timmar sedan
20:57 “Woney Malk” great JJ
Pilot Efe
Pilot Efe 14 timmar sedan
Poor Bryan it seemed like he almost cried
Prince James J Jackson
Prince James J Jackson 19 timmar sedan
Sidemen approach me for your business endeavour. As the chairman 1 of 2 we will both benefit our upcoming that's if. Approach on thotsomollogy lecture's.
Ollie Bailey
Ollie Bailey Dag sedan
I want to see another this is fun and entertaining
something Dag sedan
18:30 look at the girl in the mrror
StareStroyer312 Dag sedan
ngl thought the millionaire wasnt the millionaire bc i thought he had billions and thought the dude with the fake watch was the millionaire
Ibrahim Abdu
Ibrahim Abdu Dag sedan
Is no one gonna talk about jjs voice crack 2:26
XswannyX Dag sedan
I’m used to seeing bonny on the Hub but this will do
LiftOrGTFO 2 dagar sedan
From the get go I knew it was the plane guy. Just the way he stands and dresses and gives short answers screams money. But the spray tan lady was also very convincing. Brian and Josh were straight bad actors. Only Fans girl was also very convincing but I didn't fall for it.
Jeli 2 dagar sedan
No one: Only fans girl: Smell me!
Onur Alp Aydın
Onur Alp Aydın 2 dagar sedan
The guy is wearing a Richard Mille 53-01 at the end-scene :D one of the most expensive tourbillon models of RM. what a good reference to the fake RM guy :)
ThilanNana 3 dagar sedan
Benjamin Samsudin
Benjamin Samsudin 4 dagar sedan
Guess the millionaire Vikkstar and jj
Blen T
Blen T 4 dagar sedan
Golden balls on your face!!!
SpaceTroll 4 dagar sedan
Bro what’s her only fans😂
Sten 4 dagar sedan
So yeah what is her onlyfans? Asking for a friend
Μ K 4 dagar sedan
Who is the girl with the only fans? Not for me for my friend john
Guido Polese
Guido Polese 4 dagar sedan
The helicopter man was screaming millionaire vibes 🔥
Deyan Darmanin
Deyan Darmanin 4 dagar sedan
I knew as soon as i looked at him hahaha
Awakening Evil
Awakening Evil 4 dagar sedan
I just know that was the MILLIONAIRE from the beginning, I might be just successful 🙃
MUNINDRA BISEN 5 dagar sedan
I hate that someone already commented who is the millionaire and totally ruined my video.
Merissa Coconut
Merissa Coconut 5 dagar sedan
i almost never see vik and josh together in a group. wonder if josh secretly dislikes him. even in the eat your guts/spill your guts vid josh was kinda targetting vik and putting him out there as the 'weakest' content creator when vik's videos are dope and even calfreezy said jokingly 'all this while u choose now to be nice' I know its a joke but it sounded like a jab at the fact that josh may not be the nicest, and not to vik especially. also when vik address josh in the moresideman gaming streams he doesnt rlly get much of a response. its just this weird negative vibe i get from josh sometimes.
Alex 5 dagar sedan
Ksi bought a berus chain when he became a millionaire though lol
Dam 5 dagar sedan
The first thing that came to Brian's mind about Capital, is money. Honestly i just feel like he knows his stuff
Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar 5 dagar sedan
Well, the onlyFans girl might be a millionaire by now.
its me
its me 5 dagar sedan
JJ woke up and choice Violation
vinsmoke sanji
vinsmoke sanji 5 dagar sedan
Man the josh guy sold himself as the millionaire on another level!! I really was 100% sure he was the millionaire
CrossGame CG
CrossGame CG 5 dagar sedan
It call a tail numbers Ethan
Zach Hawkes
Zach Hawkes 6 dagar sedan
I freaking knew it was that guy the whole time
ultrajoshb yt Bilby
ultrajoshb yt Bilby 6 dagar sedan
I feel like jk was just seeing if he has seen the only fans girl before
Necrosis-LFS 6 dagar sedan
Am I the only 1 too see that bonnie changed both her jobs into the 2 different groups
mm15 x
mm15 x 7 dagar sedan
name of onlyfans girl… for schoolproject
Ingmar Van olffen
Ingmar Van olffen 7 dagar sedan
Whose the onlyfans
savage kid
savage kid 7 dagar sedan
I think the old lady cause she got on Gucci shoes
Farrel N
Farrel N 7 dagar sedan
7 millionaires guess another millionaire
Lc_porting 7 dagar sedan
Lol JJ we have £100 notes in Scotland have had plenty of them
Lindsay Rinji
Lindsay Rinji 8 dagar sedan
He had the attitude it was obvious
2P zvrews
2P zvrews 8 dagar sedan
Bonnie does onlyfans shes a fraud
Crxpticc 8 dagar sedan
Im saying now at 17:37 jet Guy is a millionaire
VazkuzHD 8 dagar sedan
I feel bad for the actor. Just imagine how much time he used to prepare for this, making up a story line and everything. This was his big chance.
Arnav Bhatla
Arnav Bhatla 8 dagar sedan
Nafis Fuad
Nafis Fuad 8 dagar sedan
it was very obvious. i knew it was the plane guy after 5-10 minutes
ali raid
ali raid 9 dagar sedan
It was so obvious from the beginning 😂
Frosty 9 dagar sedan
The only fans chick is out
Renata Bielinska
Renata Bielinska 9 dagar sedan
As soon as I saw a guy wearing a polo top and jeans I knew in waa him straight away
thebricks 9 dagar sedan
I knew the broke looking man was the rich one
Nebula_993 9 dagar sedan
Ffs for Bryan sorry Brian
Acidic Gaming
Acidic Gaming 9 dagar sedan
I feel so bad for Brian
_A_ 9 dagar sedan
Why does this only have 6,4 million viewes. This was a great video
Kahseem Richards
Kahseem Richards 9 dagar sedan
Ethan be having the best drip sometimes 😂
Donnie MacDonald
Donnie MacDonald 9 dagar sedan
What is the insta for the girl
Bryson Andrews
Bryson Andrews 9 dagar sedan
It’s funny bc I said it was that guy from the second I saw him😂
Lulus life Pearson
Lulus life Pearson 10 dagar sedan
Does anyone known where Harris hoodie is from
Chenthilnathan Abilash
Chenthilnathan Abilash 10 dagar sedan
'bet your both poor' - KSI 29:07 😂😂😂😂
Nλhu 10 dagar sedan
Bro they didn't even put Brian in the thumbnail 😔
hafsa chafiai
hafsa chafiai 11 dagar sedan
As soon as they walked in, I knew that Dustin was it. He screamed money.
Ruben van Duijvenvoorde
10kvro 11 dagar sedan
Beta squad
God of Lovers
God of Lovers 11 dagar sedan
Aye my man shouted out Litecoin. The underdog. I never hear people recommend it, but it's the one I've always made money off.
NerveZA 11 dagar sedan
I just had a feeling he was the millionaire
Overlord 743
Overlord 743 11 dagar sedan
9:04 my man looks like he is about to cry, he really came for this show just to get roasted for 12 minutes and then get kicked out first round
haribrooo 12 dagar sedan
21:40 JJ: I wanna dive deeper Bonnie: let’s go baby
peyton byers
peyton byers 12 dagar sedan
I thought josh asked what your favorite homeless location is when he said vacation 😂😂
Elias Simon
Elias Simon 12 dagar sedan
Lmao i died at 8:46, I would have handled it the same way
Carlon TVV
Carlon TVV 12 dagar sedan
Jamaica lit
Dinusauro 77
Dinusauro 77 13 dagar sedan
bro i follow her on tik tok
Sam Kisling
Sam Kisling 13 dagar sedan
How could u not guess it from the start
Lily 🥰🥰
Lily 🥰🥰 13 dagar sedan
The helicopter and plane man gave them the plane for their hide and seek
Matt 04
Matt 04 13 dagar sedan
poor brian :(
ISHAQ MOHAMMED 13 dagar sedan
A bunch of millionaires couldn’t notice another millionaire 😂
Chez Bugs
Chez Bugs 13 dagar sedan
A california is the most basic ferrari, its not over a million 🤦🏼‍♂️
김수연 14 dagar sedan
The many writer differently coil because random cephalometrically brush with a towering thread. complete, precious bulb
Bhavya Ajmera
Bhavya Ajmera 14 dagar sedan
I was wondering why would a millionaire come on sidemen to waste his time.
Vipin Valsan
Vipin Valsan 14 dagar sedan
Good publicity for business.. Millionaires sadly won't be watching sidemen tho :[
Mohib Humayun
Mohib Humayun 14 dagar sedan
Casio is God Tier #Pride&Pinion
Cian Fordham
Cian Fordham 14 dagar sedan
I just wanna know if it was that guy that sold jj his private jet from that other Sidemen Sunday 🤣
sugoi 15 dagar sedan
I was waiting for one of them to say dababy convertible
Shae Davis
Shae Davis 15 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but water in a can? Like how come I never thought of thst. Its so simple
Jaxson 11
Jaxson 11 16 dagar sedan
Yo I swear I have seen the woman on ph at the fromt
Tammy Tammy
Tammy Tammy 16 dagar sedan
The fragile daughter arthroscopically command because ethiopia algorithmically plug worth a noxious plaster. macho, female fertile zebra
Charles Holbrook
Charles Holbrook 16 dagar sedan
I knew it ive met a millionaire.... Dressed exactly the same...... They dont like too stick out.
BootyHoleMan 16 dagar sedan
The guy in the thumbnail in the middle looks like a poker star so he is rich because he looks like a poker star
Damian Reyes
Damian Reyes 16 dagar sedan
i literally knew first minute of the vid that it was the boul in the white T
joop maenhaut
joop maenhaut 16 dagar sedan
eyyyyyy there is no such thing as holland its the netherlands stfu
Fazy Lucker
Fazy Lucker 16 dagar sedan
So who’s the guy besides the onlyfans chick… he’s fine 👀
BakLoL Bakri!!
BakLoL Bakri!! 16 dagar sedan
Her only fans😳
Byrdmaniac 17 dagar sedan
Oh c'mon, it was obviously the plane guy. The Zimbabwe bloke, and the two ladies were overselling it. The stylish dude wasn't going into much business details. The plane guy exactly knew what he was talking about.
Tom Mcadam
Tom Mcadam 17 dagar sedan
She’s on Reddit for free
Imperial Streak 2151
Imperial Streak 2151 17 dagar sedan
“I buy an Only Fans..” Harry: “Fair enough, fair enough..”
Glow Gaming
Glow Gaming 19 dagar sedan
I really want a Guess The Millionaire (SVdownr Edition)
Josh was having drip
Arthur Knight
Arthur Knight 20 dagar sedan
I knew the jet guy was a millionaire from the beginning
Arthur Knight
Arthur Knight 20 dagar sedan
Arthur Knight
Arthur Knight 20 dagar sedan
I know they have to judge by looks too, but surely they should know better than to be able to identify a millionaire by looks
Daividu 21 dag sedan
The Onlyfans chick is not that hot WTF🤨
Bihaan Chakraborty
Bihaan Chakraborty 21 dag sedan
I knew who was the millionaire 10 mins in the video
halflife876 22 dagar sedan
Jamaica sheeeeeee
Theodore 22 dagar sedan
The second Jetman said "Idk I picked them up on the way down so I don't look too rich". I was like nah it's him. The walk and Accepting the £100 confirmed it for me.
visningar 25mn
SIDEMEN $10,000 vs $100 MUKBANG
visningar 107tn
"What does this say?"
visningar 15mn