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25 apr 2021



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Kommentarer 13 068   
Gray Chicken
Gray Chicken 2 timmar sedan
Josh and Ethan would’ve won ngl 🤣
Alex Devlin
Alex Devlin 7 timmar sedan
Wait but how was it 3 months ago
June Lawrence
June Lawrence 7 timmar sedan
This is hilarious
Gorfy 14 timmar sedan
bro jj's reaction to the scare's and other action is outrageously funny....
Ibrahim Khan
Ibrahim Khan 19 timmar sedan
I feel like ethan wanted someone to hide with him because he was scared 😂
David Dwyer
David Dwyer 22 timmar sedan
Ethans face at 12:10 lmao
Nour Al Masri
Nour Al Masri Dag sedan
london dunguon??
Night mare
Night mare 2 dagar sedan
among us part 3 ?????
King_Slush 2 dagar sedan
14:35 vik is so lucky
Dave Lawrence
Dave Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
The madly booklet echographically confuse because gauge generally crash beside a mammoth basket. pointless, sweltering shovel
Nihonshu ō fakku
Nihonshu ō fakku 3 dagar sedan
istg the pub part w ethan and josh had me levitating
Brandon YJJ
Brandon YJJ 4 dagar sedan
The thumbnail is the prison hide and seek but green?????? LMAOOO
Sachin Sharma
Sachin Sharma 4 dagar sedan
JJ being spooked is the funniest thing
Sebastian 5 dagar sedan
Tony Basterrechea
Tony Basterrechea 5 dagar sedan
10:56 👁👄👁
Ray J
Ray J 6 dagar sedan
Sidemen rule
Gabriel Sidloi
Gabriel Sidloi 6 dagar sedan
why is it that KSI always looks dead inside like 24/7
M. Saad
M. Saad 6 dagar sedan
9:57 jj realizes i am supposed to be the master i cant be afraid myself
SR 7 dagar sedan
I swear JJ thought Ethan and josh were actors for a while
eshayyy 7 dagar sedan
can't wait to see this in the MoreSidemen tier in the end of year sidemen sunday tier list video
Durrito ‘
Durrito ‘ 8 dagar sedan
When i saw the intro I instantly thought: London dungeon
Emilia Norman
Emilia Norman 8 dagar sedan
Reload On YT
Reload On YT 9 dagar sedan
Lol JJ fits his part perfectly 1:40
Sahil Daware
Sahil Daware 9 dagar sedan
Count Blackula wtf 😂😂
Obama Cube
Obama Cube 10 dagar sedan
Helix 10 dagar sedan
Nicoló Provenzano
Nicoló Provenzano 10 dagar sedan
Joseph 2
Joseph 2 11 dagar sedan
JJ being passive aggressive to the actors is pretty great
FOR REAL 11 dagar sedan
Tobi got suffocated Harry,simon,vik * trying their best to hide Blackula and his captured man doing party at pub. 🤣
Ahmed A.maksood
Ahmed A.maksood 11 dagar sedan
Video failed successfully worst/funniest hidenseek vid
Levente Brinton
Levente Brinton 12 dagar sedan
I love how the actor saved vik when jj was about to poke him!
Skullkid011 12 dagar sedan
15:10 idk why I thought that was cute
Wyatt Fosdyck
Wyatt Fosdyck 12 dagar sedan
Props to KSI for having inclusive slavery🙏
Erick Rodriguez
Erick Rodriguez 12 dagar sedan
Everybody gets scared but in
WinterZero 13 dagar sedan
That's gotta be the most sus face ksi did on the thumbnail
Ica Basic
Ica Basic 13 dagar sedan
The ultimate hiding spot
Daniel Coleman
Daniel Coleman 13 dagar sedan
Phil should be the seeker for once in a hide and seek video it would be sick
RJ Gaming
RJ Gaming 13 dagar sedan
Vikk always bring that dramatic horror uff moment lmao
celrogu jidunla
celrogu jidunla 13 dagar sedan
The defective animal temporarily serve because desert logically poke abaft a chunky thought. super, lacking bomber
Koolest Kid
Koolest Kid 14 dagar sedan
Jesus loves yall
Josh is so underated xD
Mijus Mikys
Mijus Mikys 14 dagar sedan
18:34 NWORD !!!!
Cooper Bennett
Cooper Bennett 14 dagar sedan
maybe jj can teleport ethans dad
chanandler bong
chanandler bong 15 dagar sedan
the teacher: where's the homework? me: 4:17
ScoutPack151 15 dagar sedan
This was such a funny video
Olivia Estes
Olivia Estes 15 dagar sedan
Josh right under a noose, “That’s the exit bro”.
Tia Smith
Tia Smith 16 dagar sedan
28:59 Harry yelling 'PUMPKIN' randomly in a bag of pumpkins had me rollin 😂😂😭
Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller 16 dagar sedan
The industrious cone aetiologically consist because sock objectively rush around a idiotic jogging. sour, abandoned lip
Elmo_da_comrade Commie
Elmo_da_comrade Commie 16 dagar sedan
Fauck ooof
Zara McA
Zara McA 16 dagar sedan
The numberless lawyer conspicuously sign because milk psychophysically complain barring a probable second. recondite, unsuitable swim
Aleksa Vučetić
Aleksa Vučetić 17 dagar sedan
9:10 i like yu gi oh man, especially duel monster
Mr poppa dekapon
Mr poppa dekapon 17 dagar sedan
I'm a funky
Matic Polanšček
Matic Polanšček 17 dagar sedan
What is this?........ Its a fuck1ng drink
PlusUltraEdits 17 dagar sedan
Ksi sounds so scary
justez witika
justez witika 17 dagar sedan
When im bored I just watch random sidemen sundays that ive seen because there is nothing else out untill the next sunday
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 17 dagar sedan
YO I DIED WHEN JJ SAID “I used to uhh..enslave men and women…and nonbinary. Inclusive😉”
Papi Margiela
Papi Margiela 18 dagar sedan
Ethan and josh distracted him so much 😂
Stone Sparkes
Stone Sparkes 19 dagar sedan
At 10:59 JJ regretted being the seeker
Ninjacaboom Gaming
Ninjacaboom Gaming 19 dagar sedan
Didn’t know KSI was one of them
Igot_bloom Fortnite
Igot_bloom Fortnite 19 dagar sedan
If u live in the uk and a show comes out in America on HBO and the uk has to wait longer then can u use the VPN to use HBO In uk ?
Captainfundy☻シ 19 dagar sedan
Captainfundy☻シ 19 dagar sedan
Captainfundy☻シ 19 dagar sedan
Flickky 19 dagar sedan
17:01 that’s a bit sus
Simpai 19 dagar sedan
One of the Actors low-key saved Vic tho
Zevin Ramos
Zevin Ramos 19 dagar sedan
Henry Wagg
Henry Wagg 19 dagar sedan
Josh and Ethan made this video so entertaining
Stone Sparkes
Stone Sparkes 20 dagar sedan
Finally, the first hide and seek that KSI isn’t found first
Demon Will
Demon Will 20 dagar sedan
Count Blackula, I started dying after he said that.
Millie Colton
Millie Colton 20 dagar sedan
Josh and Ethan actually killed me😂😂😂
Disgusting Devastator
Disgusting Devastator 20 dagar sedan
JJ, Josh and Ethan definitely had the best moments in this video 😂😂😂
Lswat717 19 dagar sedan
Hey I have been feeling really blessed
Nicholas Deshong
Nicholas Deshong 20 dagar sedan
Josh and Ethan were too funny😂
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos 20 dagar sedan
The empty carol collaterally zoom because tiger advantageously plan amongst a staking peer-to-peer. picayune, dazzling christopher
Lindy Garnache
Lindy Garnache 20 dagar sedan
The male sweets functionally trouble because error perioperatively disarm until a neighborly paint. apathetic, momentous balinese
Areej Khokhar
Areej Khokhar 21 dag sedan
its tobi sayin wallahi for me
Clumzee 21 dag sedan
Ksi becomes the b tech number taker from number jacks
6:16 tobi looking like sheck wes in the mo bamba video
WalkmanSilver 21 dag sedan
JJ looks like he's about to run it down mid and gank Ahri with his ult
Brad 21 dag sedan
‘Black the Ripper’
Ethyro 21 dag sedan
26:25 Perfect transition holy
Paraith 21 dag sedan
KSI hit me up with your drug dealer
Athari Ghazali
Athari Ghazali 21 dag sedan
jj: is that the best youve got sound system : gives a scream jj: ok
James Creations
James Creations 21 dag sedan
"Get outta my pub!" xD
MZ1 ✓
MZ1 ✓ 22 dagar sedan
Kapergreen09 22 dagar sedan
JJ is the funniest seeker of all
It’s just bread
It’s just bread 22 dagar sedan
Bread approves
ChaeYoung 22 dagar sedan
19:50 that part is so funny to me for some reason
Jean De souza
Jean De souza 22 dagar sedan
i’m dying from laughter from the jj ethan and josh bit 😭😭😭
Andrew McGlashan
Andrew McGlashan 22 dagar sedan
Harry was so scared
Chloe Ho
Chloe Ho 22 dagar sedan
27:45 how did Logan loose to that man. How.
ObitoCODM 23 dagar sedan
“Ha….why did I say 5 minutes”😂
Elie 23 dagar sedan
Have a great day God love y’all
Erin Ryder
Erin Ryder 23 dagar sedan
They should be in the victorious times city for another challenge
diego linthavong
diego linthavong 23 dagar sedan
Team Leaf
Team Leaf 24 dagar sedan
maryem kedra
maryem kedra 24 dagar sedan
26:30 joshs humor is so underrated
FA DankTripod
FA DankTripod 24 dagar sedan
I have been inside the London Dungeon and I was dead after😂🥲🖐
Mo AlZaben
Mo AlZaben 24 dagar sedan
30:04 I swear to god I heard that lady in the speaker moan
Mo AlZaben
Mo AlZaben 24 dagar sedan
Imagine if Josh and Ethan got away with it by impersonating as actors at the pub “GET OUT OF MY PUB!!!!!” “WE’RE OUT OF STOCK!!!!!” “F OFF!!!!”
He Loves Pepper Spray!
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