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11 jul 2021



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Danny Khan Vlogs -
Danny Khan Vlogs - 55 minuter sedan
I would do so good at spending money never owned designer I’ve always wanted to go London it’s too expensive to go to I live so far away soooo wouldn’t mind getting a train provided spend the day with sidemen been watching since 2014 all the sidemen I wouldn’t mind getting my sidemen book signed ✅ sign me up to this I would treat who ever takes me out @this sidemen really be a life changer
lloydf Timme sedan
54:58 look at the bromance right there👌. The 4 r class. That guy must be next level happy, having the privillege of the national treasure jj leaning on him like that🤣
lloydf Timme sedan
50:27 ffs whys harry holding on to his backpack 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 lmao just something funny about it. Standing there like dora or something. Let go my guy🤣
lloydf Timme sedan
49:30 tbf the stuff he now got for free, he wont have to get and he can use is own money on his mum 🤷‍♂️🤣
lloydf Timme sedan
47:40 something so surreal and nice to see about that interraction. Having fans in the video (who theyre buying for) already shows the relationship the sdmn have with the public, but its even better seeing a middle age to old family who probably dont have a clue who they are (given no fans were in that family), still getting on with them and seeing what nice ppl the sdmn are. That elbow touch from him was the icing on the cake. So touching to see👏
Ryan Suyer
Ryan Suyer 2 timmar sedan
Most British video
Gabriel Áedán
Gabriel Áedán 2 timmar sedan
lloydf 3 timmar sedan
17:20 thats funny jj putting the nigerian voice on, the way they both react to him doing it lmao. Theyve been making tobi and jj laugh all video but now theyre laughing at jj, having to stop playing the "funny guy". Great relationship between the 2 fans and jj and tobi. Theyre confident enough to pull of jokes with each other but after jj said "kilo de" he ended up laughing at himself like hes not confident enough to go full character (babatunde) mode 🤣
lloydf 3 timmar sedan
16:15 funny this idea of "being rich" is actually spending a lot of money on something to look like u have a lot of money ie "rich" when really ur just losing the money that made u clasify as rich🤣. The guy said "im rich now" when really having the money itself was the rich part (i know its not his but still)
Neo 123
Neo 123 5 timmar sedan
Real friends bro, oh your getting one, I’ll get one as well 😂
Unoriginal Name Gaming
Unoriginal Name Gaming 15 timmar sedan
Bro if I were in this position I would literally have my entire price range set up even before it started
lugs boy bach
lugs boy bach 16 timmar sedan
anybody not gonna talk about why harry said dollars and put the title $ even though they’re in the united kingdom
Infimists 16 timmar sedan
bruh black people are so funny 🤣
pratik jd
pratik jd Dag sedan
I am jealous
Krystal-Marie Carne
body gaurds need sum the desrve it
Krystal-Marie Carne
they way harry voice cracks when he sees how much the tv is
Wolfz Dag sedan
Petition for Sidemen and xQc collab on MoreSidemen :
Fire Smacks
Fire Smacks Dag sedan
Tobi and JJ are having a blast
Ava Fenner
Ava Fenner Dag sedan
I would’ve got a piano
Sandeep Agarwal
Sandeep Agarwal Dag sedan
Nothing is more important than family - Dom torreto
James Little
James Little Dag sedan
We need more of the Nigerian boys. Big up yourselves. Funny man.
jenny jones
jenny jones Dag sedan
Generic Saleswoman
Alternative title for this video: SIDEMEN SPEND $100,000 ON ONLY FANS
MOHD HISHAM24 Dag sedan
Iam so jealous
Ebony Sheehan-Mitchell
Tattoo gift cards would make it SO easy!
Eduardo Carcamo
Eduardo Carcamo Dag sedan
6:24 ddddddddaaaaaaaamnnnn bodyguarddd rrrrrrrrripppeeddddd
MajkozZ Dag sedan
The guy with the beard sounds like sancho
Yeet Feet 2
Yeet Feet 2 Dag sedan
The description 😂😂
Darth Raziel
Darth Raziel 2 dagar sedan
Nice - but why’s everyone so boring? Shoes and cloths.. tsk tsk. I get the iPhones -i’d upgrade my 3-4 gen old phone too, but get a nice laptop, some essentials, and buy a freaking week luxury vacation or something? Throw some stuff to charity, buy some mods for the car, some stuff for your hosts.. just lots of cloths and shoes? So unimaginative.. :p
AtLiveGaming 2 dagar sedan
Feel a bit dodgy how much they were pushing the Canada goose’s when they’re an awful company
Miral Abualjadail
Miral Abualjadail 2 dagar sedan
Or go for the lottery and get more money.
Summer Hardy
Summer Hardy 2 dagar sedan
Me knowing that if I got this chance I’ll be spending everything on college or studio stuff …
Sayy Anime A
Sayy Anime A 2 dagar sedan
Also pay for my gaming career to be a pro gamer
Mitchell Pritchard
Mitchell Pritchard 2 dagar sedan
Love the way it’s fans that look like they got enough anyway 😅
Einfach Jamiro
Einfach Jamiro 2 dagar sedan
If this Happend to me 1houher the Money is away
Garrick Mooij
Garrick Mooij 2 dagar sedan
love the vid the love the bros just brought for themselves lol lit as. 🤣😂💪💯
Abhiyansh Raj
Abhiyansh Raj 2 dagar sedan
How about an international fan edition ?....XD
Jerobi 2 dagar sedan
37:54 respect and smart man.
Abhay Nagar
Abhay Nagar 2 dagar sedan
Next time: Sidemen spend $100 000 on only fans 😂
kaoamt 3 dagar sedan
Zintle M
Zintle M 3 dagar sedan
Best video ever!!
Lucky Mo
Lucky Mo 3 dagar sedan
Sidemen should do silent library
Nikhil D
Nikhil D 3 dagar sedan
They get balenciaga and I get beatings.
Maryam M
Maryam M 3 dagar sedan
When the brown guy looked at the price tag and said madre chaud...I felt that😂😂
Tpeq 3 dagar sedan
Jennifer 3 dagar sedan
Bruv it’s estimated that jj earns 13 million a YEAR .
Jennifer 3 dagar sedan
I really hope that the sidemen also do giving the homeless things they want
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos 3 dagar sedan
I keep forgetting the sidemen are hella Rich, like disgusting Rich
Tiff 3 dagar sedan
i wish i was rich as them
LOWTANNA 3 dagar sedan
It's only because of the Nigerians I'm watching this
Daksh Gupta
Daksh Gupta 3 dagar sedan
14:05 sounds like someone farted innit.
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin 3 dagar sedan
But why buy a purse that expensive
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos 3 dagar sedan
They're getting fooled by the brand name. I swear I can find the same purse for 20 bucks in a local store
The Conqueror
The Conqueror 4 dagar sedan
This is one of the best side man videos yet! Every one was so gassed just balling like every one wishes they could do, nice to see their reactions
7ufsa 4 dagar sedan
if i could spend 14k i would of bought a volvo 940 wagon and a 740 sedan and new phone
Shadow7758 4 dagar sedan
"The Taxman hate the Sidemen" Now these videos make sense. They make that much money, they're trying to get their expenses up to avoid paying tax hahahahahahahaha
Aman Asija 10
Aman Asija 10 4 dagar sedan
For the guys who speak Hindi jump to 48:04😂😂😂.
HOLY CHICIN 5 dagar sedan
7:15 From the east to the west 😂😂😂
Beau DeCamp
Beau DeCamp 5 dagar sedan
Rolex, Pc and monitor, Silver.
Marco Ferretti
Marco Ferretti 5 dagar sedan
“La crepe de la crepe” 😂😂😂😂
sophieee 5 dagar sedan
harry holding his straps omg 😭😭
Jason Nerves
Jason Nerves 5 dagar sedan
smokey 55
smokey 55 5 dagar sedan
54:01 what is the thing is this?
JoeyMJ1 6 dagar sedan
No one: The sidemen: JJ, Tobes, and the Nigerians are on a team.
Finlay Bloore
Finlay Bloore 6 dagar sedan
man with tobi and jj were so funny bro
Creepa 0121
Creepa 0121 6 dagar sedan
Whens the next one? 😂😂
M K 6 dagar sedan
Only my asian gang knows what he said 48:06 😂😂
im Skrap
im Skrap 6 dagar sedan
man it would be great to see a video like this where the people actually buy sensible stuff, i would have spent a great amount on groceries, furniture and some electronic stuff! but also get a new phone or 2 and some pc parts! its also not hard to spend money, only problem is that they had a time limit but even with that it wouldnt be hard
F1N_F1N 6 dagar sedan
i respect the sidemen for doing this !!
Ryson Matias
Ryson Matias 6 dagar sedan
why doesnt anyone get cash cards so they can spend it later?
Groot 7 dagar sedan
Sidemen, spent 100k on fans. Stevewilldoit, spends 100k on fans a vid
chas chas
chas chas 7 dagar sedan
The meaning of politically correct ....
Kenneth Sommer
Kenneth Sommer 7 dagar sedan
I wish, in my family $50 is a lot of money
Deep Bhattacharya
Deep Bhattacharya 7 dagar sedan
That sounded like MDC not modern Jordan
Mohammed Shams Altamash
sidemen plz can u do one in south Africa and in vite me plz
David Hill
David Hill 7 dagar sedan
Harry : I just dropped 2 😂
SteveHasCake 7 dagar sedan
the most surprising thing of all of this is that they were able to buy two series x's in store
victor leal
victor leal 7 dagar sedan
Around 25m u can hear abit of Nigerian highschool musical
Vokshiii 7 dagar sedan
Why can’t god just bless me with the sidemen it would change a lot in my life
COVID 19 6 dagar sedan
Dont dream just do it
Abdi 7 dagar sedan
the female camera man is a legend she just went from being in ethans group to ksi group in like 5 min
Unit:Thot Destroyer
Unit:Thot Destroyer 7 dagar sedan
Cause she walked
Guyer Trumpet
Guyer Trumpet 7 dagar sedan
If I got this I would’ve just paid of my car for my parents cause it was 14k and then give the rest to them aswell
Saran S
Saran S 8 dagar sedan
i read only fans for sum reason
peyton byers
peyton byers 8 dagar sedan
Mad jokes I bet theydidn’t even realize they put all the black guys on one team
Billy Dater
Billy Dater 8 dagar sedan
Man if it was me I'd be asking for a good down payment on a house and a car that's reliable 😭😭😭😭😭
Vi ho Purgato ancora
Vi ho Purgato ancora 8 dagar sedan
Its coming romeeeee
1888 RIOT MUSIC 8 dagar sedan
This was super entertaining Lol
T K 8 dagar sedan
Naija boys stand up‼️🤣
chloe faulkner
chloe faulkner 8 dagar sedan
Honestly these fans were absolute legends! Laughs the whole way through!
Jaivan Jv
Jaivan Jv 8 dagar sedan
I swear all the Nigerians new each other as if they were part of the sidemen
Zainhy 8 dagar sedan
fye video 🔥🔥 Help me get buy some music equipement
Yannick Broos
Yannick Broos 8 dagar sedan
Do something like this for the bodyguards/ camera crews.
Tøastyy 8 dagar sedan
Sidemens accountant watching this video🥲
Toast 8 dagar sedan
11:30 these dudes asking for the iphones like Mcdonalds
TjonYT 8 dagar sedan
my man said stay poor LMAOO
Adam Van Peelen
Adam Van Peelen 8 dagar sedan
would love to see someone try this that isn't someone that buys all the brand name clothing and shoes etc, any maybe someone that doesn't buy apple ;)
Hayden Hess
Hayden Hess 9 dagar sedan
Come to the USA
Henry _xoxo
Henry _xoxo 8 dagar sedan
Tell mr.beast to come here then
Kezziaah 9 dagar sedan
I sign myself up for the next video 🤣🤣
Fusion Breakdown
Fusion Breakdown 9 dagar sedan
i sat a whole hour watching this relising i will never be able to afford that much stuff ;c