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Another Sidemen Mukbang with a twist. Enjoy!
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21 feb 2021



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Kommentarer 22 451   
Tibbity Timme sedan
For how expensive it is it looks dead ngl
Weasel65 4 timmar sedan
Watching this while hunngry was a bad idea.
o’s Dag sedan
can we just appreciate how vik eats like a toddler but st the same time eats like a lion
Singh Brothers - Gaming
Man's got a zoo
Aekansh Malhan
Aekansh Malhan 2 dagar sedan
19:18 VIKK - i have also paid for the food
Alex Evans
Alex Evans 2 dagar sedan
Mrbeast: i ate a pizza more expensive then what they ordered all together
Nate great
Nate great 3 dagar sedan
Miral Abualjadail
Miral Abualjadail 4 dagar sedan
So technically whenever we go to a Reasturant with a large group or Family, we are having a mukbang.
Lil Zyro
Lil Zyro 4 dagar sedan
God bless spread the gospel
ssj4 lil xytron GOD OF DESTRUCTION
If 2 chains ain’t show up it ain’t the most expensiveist
Tete Carrillo
Tete Carrillo 6 dagar sedan
Respect to ksi we get down over here at Chicago
Mariete xdgg
Mariete xdgg 6 dagar sedan
i do think ethan's impression of a duck is pretty good
Mirei 6 dagar sedan
im 30 mins in can someone please give some food to vik lmao
Dia Khatwani
Dia Khatwani 6 dagar sedan
Jonathan Burles
Jonathan Burles 6 dagar sedan
Vic carried those convos
IGL Elegy
IGL Elegy 6 dagar sedan
Jesus is the truth..
Kendrick 王晔
Kendrick 王晔 7 dagar sedan
Vikk 和 Josh 不会说中文 😂😂😂😂😂
lily666 7 dagar sedan
id actually like to see them do a video getting in drag
Tech Supply
Tech Supply 7 dagar sedan
The puzzled cactus assembly time because chance holly flood through a nonstop stranger. zonked, neat spaghetti
ItzSinzX 7 dagar sedan
Can I say I have not seen vic get his food for the longest 😂 I feel bad :(
beast hockey12
beast hockey12 8 dagar sedan
31:10 that waiter must have been so confused by the conversation
shania mosselmans
shania mosselmans 8 dagar sedan
They look so chick with the expensive food and all of that but they are talking about sucking toes 🥲
Trisha Gaming
Trisha Gaming 8 dagar sedan
Thanks for the video
Griffin Cannell
Griffin Cannell 8 dagar sedan
Did anyone else notice on the thumbnail on the receipt it says 1 kangaroo steak? Like wtf 😂
Luke Richardson
Luke Richardson 8 dagar sedan
Major respect for Toby praying over his meal before eating it. I didn’t see anyone else do that.
Rubi Bhandari
Rubi Bhandari 9 dagar sedan
They're eating my tution fee
william chen
william chen 9 dagar sedan
When I first saw the title all I knew was JJ was paying
Shawn Clashes
Shawn Clashes 10 dagar sedan
we need lip sync battle
BigChubz 10 dagar sedan
Still re watching
Galactic Emperor24
Galactic Emperor24 10 dagar sedan
Bryan Thomas
Bryan Thomas 10 dagar sedan
26:20 bet they all feel reallll stupid rn
8BitPowertrip 11 dagar sedan
NGL 15k would change my entire life. Bring on the toes! lol.
Chaitanya Sayi
Chaitanya Sayi 11 dagar sedan
A Pina colada but it go harder
Zaryko 12 dagar sedan
AMP is the best
Marquezmassa Lorenzo
Marquezmassa Lorenzo 12 dagar sedan
39 :00 epic !
Rajvansh Singh Chauhan
Rajvansh Singh Chauhan 12 dagar sedan
Each passing Sidemen video,Vik somehow looks richer
Rajvansh Singh Chauhan
Rajvansh Singh Chauhan 12 dagar sedan
Just watched 7 guys on a table eating and talking, and rather than being bored, I was actually quite entertained...
Flamin Mongrel
Flamin Mongrel 3 dagar sedan
hai na?
Weeb :3
Weeb :3 13 dagar sedan
Their leftovers musta been legendary-
WEED 4 DAYS 14 dagar sedan
Worlds cheapest mukbang?
Finn Mccann
Finn Mccann 14 dagar sedan
Harry has covid now nooooooo
Shay 15 dagar sedan
behz and harry "mates" moments harry concerned abt behz std test - 22:30 behz would shag harry- 54:53 has behz and harry kissed - 55:33
Izzy 16 dagar sedan
22:02 *AHHHHH*
anonymous 18 dagar sedan
Whose the footballer they are talking about
efraser 16 dagar sedan
William Saliba
Lucy Stonehouse
Lucy Stonehouse 19 dagar sedan
please do sdmn Sunday drag race
Jay V
Jay V 19 dagar sedan
Shadow Blur
Shadow Blur 20 dagar sedan
Roni Gashi
Roni Gashi 20 dagar sedan
Wow...I cant believe 11 MILION PEOPLE want to see a group of youtubers just having dinner...wow
Born lol
Born lol 19 dagar sedan
stay mad bozo
Thira Malik
Thira Malik 20 dagar sedan
I love Vik and Harry so much. Best Sidemen friendship
Sam Carter
Sam Carter 21 dag sedan
Who's here when harry now has covid
H4DN 21 dag sedan
I like the sidemen but these mukbangs are more boring than any of viks videos and it’s bad if wok is more entertaining than watching these lot eat
charlotte House
charlotte House 21 dag sedan
Viks food took awhile 😂
jayden morrow
jayden morrow 22 dagar sedan
i live in canada and dont get how these meals are so cheap for me a plate would cost atleast 35$ at any restaurant
Matthew Wakefield
Matthew Wakefield 23 dagar sedan
Me thinking they would deliveroo the really expensive food to their table
Prxperty 23 dagar sedan
24:27 Am I the only one that's noticed Ksi always gets predictions wrong?💀
tatakae chad
tatakae chad 24 dagar sedan
**smiling mr beast noises**
Philip Ehusani
Philip Ehusani 24 dagar sedan
Wow! Vik really carried this! I love seeing him lead confidently, that was amazing!
Drunk Gamer27
Drunk Gamer27 25 dagar sedan
Bro, english peeps be weak. They cannot drink whisky. Soooo sad
Just Havoc
Just Havoc 25 dagar sedan
32:30 he signed for Crystal Palace now lmao 😭
Arjun 25 dagar sedan
Behz was right about ben askren not doing anything against jake🤣
Gilead Essey
Gilead Essey 25 dagar sedan
vik looks nice with his hair not cutting it it looks like a real indian
Jacquelyn Mouga
Jacquelyn Mouga 25 dagar sedan
Bremyy 26 dagar sedan
can we just have a moment to thank Tobi for blessing his food.
Mohamed Joodh Shafee Ibrahim
maldives is hot but in june july its rain time ; )
Van Huynh
Van Huynh 27 dagar sedan
The probable building startlingly repeat because light internally reply over a messy pastry. miniature, angry credit
gamer boy123
gamer boy123 27 dagar sedan
I think they should see who could win the most money in Vegas but have a spending limit
Spry Ky
Spry Ky 28 dagar sedan
Had Ace of Spades at a club for my birthday 🤙🏻
Theo Wynne
Theo Wynne 28 dagar sedan
We need more of these
Narain Manickam
Narain Manickam 28 dagar sedan
KSI reacting to Ethan not wearing condoms is so funny cause u know damn well he done the same 😂
Velociraptor Games
Velociraptor Games 29 dagar sedan
20:42 *Turns on Subtitles* Well someone hates vikk
Chrissy Asim
Chrissy Asim 29 dagar sedan
Did anyone else hear Simon's fart hahah, listen at 51:35 hahah I'm laughing so hard
Anuj Tripathi
Anuj Tripathi 29 dagar sedan
Vik is too good, if he can manages sideman he can manage anything 🤟🏼
Riki Kim
Riki Kim 29 dagar sedan
this is literally a Japanese show they used to have on tv. But everybody steals ideas from the Japanese an make it their own.
Avi Patel
Avi Patel 29 dagar sedan
Simon has hardly uttered anything. This was all about vik
Vaughn— God
Vaughn— God Månad sedan
Everyone saying it sounds like a zoo like yea we eat animals how is it surprising at this point.🤨🤣
Ash 13
Ash 13 Månad sedan
The lack of manners towards the people serving hurts to watch every time
English Patriot
English Patriot Månad sedan
9:13 mate my heart skipped a beat
Krava Månad sedan
32:08 - Simon so spot on JJ. Literally rapped about Harry's mum getting hit in the face on Swerve lmao
Mrs Doubtfire
Mrs Doubtfire Månad sedan
Harry is wearing the hoodie that Vik bought for him.
Jack Ford
Jack Ford Månad sedan
The tough pen largely mend because thumb preauricularly reply forenenst a slow leo. meek, yellow weasel
X X Månad sedan
damicore Månad sedan
why did i get a wheelchair advertisement..
Old Nednal
Old Nednal Månad sedan
1:59 I’M SORRY WHAT??????
SillyFace Månad sedan
I was ok with watching this till the food came in and I realized I haven’t eaten in 3 days LMFAO I gtg
Rachel Dot
Rachel Dot Månad sedan
this is my entire net worth 😭💀
Fox Månad sedan
A london based gta would actually be dope
Princess Bloom
Princess Bloom Månad sedan
If it was over I would go to Florida lol
bradley Williams
bradley Williams Månad sedan
Honestly I think it would be cool to see if there was a London gta 5
Danny Mastar
Danny Mastar Månad sedan
They don't know bout AMP 😕
ExperimentXRoblox Månad sedan
i respect tobi so much. he doesnt fall into the crowd and doesnt allow himslef to get pressured into drinking even though all his friends do. maddd respect
Tinge Månad sedan
hahaha bazinger pog!!!
Patti Meggan
Patti Meggan Månad sedan
The green grey grieving course biosynthetically consider because religion legally zoom up a relieved onion. unaccountable, amazing mouse
Rj Månad sedan
Meanwhile im eating ramen
Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller Månad sedan
The alluring tub proximally grease because shampoo consistently need beside a female fertile dugout. neat, possessive control
StupidDash Månad sedan
30:31 vik finally getting his plate after half an hour
123 456
123 456 Månad sedan
this fanbase is the worst
Jin-woO Månad sedan
Logan still never won a fight?
X X Månad sedan
PastaFN Månad sedan
I want the sidmen to do a video of them playing gta and doing a heist that would be so good
Ryan Douglas
Ryan Douglas Månad sedan
58:54-59:06 JJ: I don’t care about Watch Dogs. Simon: Your song is Watch Dogs. JJ: Ay yo shoutout Watch Dogs. I’m on Red Alert. Poor little knowledge. Knowledge forgot one of his songs were in Watch Dogs.
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